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    “Our best solutions come from big picture thinking where complex factors are weighed, community dialogue takes place and an overall better outcome is achieved.”
    ~ Karlynn Fukuda, Munekiyo Hiraga President
  • Land Use Planning and Permitting

    Navigating the complexities of the land use entitlement process can be challenging.  Munekiyo Hiraga assists clients with various Federal, State, and County permit processes to ensure project compliance with regulatory requirements. With a depth of knowledge and experience, our staff coordinates with government agencies, stakeholders, organizations, and individuals that have a direct interest in a proposed action.  We effectively present projects to decision-making bodies, including boards, commissions and county councils. Our Land Use Planning and Permitting Services cover:

    • U.S. Department of the Army Permits
    • State Section 401 Water Quality Certifications
    • Coastal Zone Management Consistency Approvals
    • State Land Use Commission District Boundary Amendments and Special Use Permits
    • State Conservation District Use Permits
    • State Stream Channel Alteration Permits
    • State-administered easements for shoreline encroachments
    • County Community Plan Amendments, Change in Zoning, Conditional Permits, Planned Development and Project District Approvals, Special Use Permits, and Agricultural Assessments
    • County Special Management Area Permits
    • County Variances relating to Building Code, Subdivision Ordinance and Zoning Code
    • Maui Redevelopment Agency Permits/Variances
    • 201H-118 Affordable Housing Project Applications
    • County Subdivision Process Coordination
    • Compliance Reporting for Conditions of Permit Approvals


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