Chalysse Ah Chan-Bowlin

Chalysse Ah Chan-Bowlin, Analyst

Chalysse Ah Chan-Bowlin

Chalysse was born and raised on the island of Maui. She is a proud graduate of Baldwin High School and later studied at the University of Hawai‘i Maui College and its sister campuses. She went on to earn a degree in the Applied Business and Information Technology Program.

Chalysse is passionate about working hand-in-hand to reshape Maui County through education and opportunity. She began her career at UH Maui College working to facilitate courses, programs and grants that could help to provide professional development to the community through trades and apprenticeships, innovation centers and workforce training. Chalysse’s ‘ohana is spread out throughout the island of Maui, and with a vested interest, she hopes to continue working towards sustainable solutions for the community through Munekiyo Hiraga. 

In her free time, Chalysse likes to focus on her education and practices in Health and Wellness. Chalysse also enjoys participating in numerous clubs, committees and programs such as Hui Malama Pāʻia, MADD Hawai‘i, NAMI, Wailuku Community Association, Women Helping Women Hawai‘i and more. 

Something you didn’t know:
Chalysse enjoys traveling! Her husband, friends and family have made a “promise” to travel at least once a year to a state or country they’ve never been to. 

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