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  • Our Core Values

    Our values, our culture

    These core values define how we see ourselves as a company and drive the way we do business. Simply put, it’s what’s important to us — not just on every project – but day to day, person to person. We believe that when values matter, good things follow.


    We understand that we are a part of a team and our actions have implications for others around us.

    • We prioritize the goals of the overall team over personal goals.
    • We do things to help others without expecting recognition or something in return.


    We conduct ourselves in our work without going out of our way to specifically seek recognition.

    • We conduct ourselves in a manner that allows the merits of a particular action to speak for itself.
    • We understand that there can be differing viewpoints on an issue and are open to and value constructive input.  This input may lead to adjustment of agreed upon courses of action.


    We seek opportunities to show appreciation to our clients, community and each other. Opportunities can be large (pro bono work) or small (a simple “thank you”).

    • We express genuine gratitude at every opportunity.
    • We appreciate all that we have and maintain a positive attitude and outlook in all that we do.


    We act honestly and ethically at all times, internally and externally.

    • We clearly understand our individual roles and responsibilities in the company and seek to fulfill them for the greater good of the team, the company, and our clients.
    • We strive to set clear expectations and do what we say we will do.  If new information arises that requires resetting expectations, we do so quickly and through clear lines of communication.


    We conduct our work at all times with the overall objective of consistently exceeding expectations.

    • We strive to identify opportunities to anticipate needs and desires.  To be asked for something can sometimes be too late.
    • We conduct our work within the community in a consistent and transparent manner to ensure that ‘excellence experiences’ are encountered by everyone we interact with, not just the client.
    • We are willing to go above and beyond our work even if doing so may not be ‘our job’.


    We always try to improve the way we do things and look for opportunities to propose, discuss and share new ideas and processes.

    • We approach our work with an open mind and implement change wherever possible.
    • We adapt to the constantly changing environment that we work in.

    Overall, we always seek to understand the implications that our individual actions may have on other people.  Whether island-wide, across the mainland or around the world, we are all connected.

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