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    “We work toward excellence every day, with every client. The goal is to manage the process at the highest level so clients can focus their attention on what they do best.”
    ~ Mike Munekiyo, Munekiyo Hiraga Chairman
  • The Team

    Gwen Ohashi Hiraga, Senior Advisor

    mhi-gwen-200x250Gwen was born and raised on Maui, attending both Maui Community College and the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. Gwen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian and Pacific Studies. Prior to joining the company in 1997, she worked for the Maui County Council, Office of Council Services as its Director, and the Department of Planning where she served as Deputy Planning Director.

    Gwen says the best part of her work with the company is the opportunity to meet so many interesting people in government, business organizations and the community. She serves on a number of community non-profit boards including the Hawaii Pacific Parks Association, Pacific Housing Assistance Corporation, Maui College Hui, Maui Police Commission, Maui Chamber of Commerce, and ARC of Maui. She enjoys cooking and baking and loves traveling to Japan, a trip that she makes at least once a year.

    Something you didn’t know:
    Gwen is so good at craft work and making gift baskets, she sets up her own booth at the various craft fairs during the holiday season.

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